--> There's no need to call me "sir" Professor.
There's no need to call me "sir" Professor.
Nursing student in Australia using this blog to procrastinate studying

Hobbit/LoTR, Ed Sheeran, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Marvel, Nursing, E.R

Always up for a chat :)
You set the tone ~ "ER" ~ Morgenstern to Greene, Greene to Carter and Carter to Morris


The only reason I get receipts printed at the shops is so I can get the discounts on the back for macdonalds and subway.




in movies when kids sneak out through their windows and im just like why dont you have screens in your windows who doesnt have screens in their windows what do you just let bees and bugs and birds and shit fly into your room what the fuck

this is why you guys had the black plague.

Have you seen the spiders and snakes and other shit in Australia? WIRE SCREENS ARE NOT ENOUGH


ladies, your standards for men should be steve rogers. if a dude says something to you or does something that steve rogers would never say or do, drop him. drop him so hard he freezes into an ice cube underwater only to be found nearly 70 years later. let steve rogers be ur standard for guys.

I guess I better start collecting cats now…


I’m gonna spend the rest of my life in love with an asshole family of pale aristocrats with white blonde hair and more prejudice and wealth than they know what to do with

→ Anonymous whispered : what if legolas dies in bofta i will scream



gee….something tells me that he wont